Farming and distilling are not just jobs, for us, it’s a way of life!  Our family has been toiling with soils and crops for over 7 consecutive generations from the first tax records found in 1790 in Europe to Three Hills – Alberta since 1942 and now in Summerland, BC since 1973.

Our venture back into distilling is a direct result of the government opening the doors for the use of 100% BC grains and fruits from farms just like ours. This is our rare opportunity to take back distilling, if only just a little bit, from the foreign owned distilleries in Canada and give back to BC farmers…

Join us in the craft revaluation and support local spirits and make it your way of life!


Graham (Frank) Martens and Naomi Gabriel had a vision for Old Order Distilling creating a combination of traditional distilling methods with new and creative ideas to our spirits.

Graham Martens is a professional biologist and Naomi Gabriel has spent her career in Finance. Together, Graham and Naomi, set out to re-learn the craft of artisan distilling with a focus on the farm to glass process. Today, they can be found working side by side at the distillery with some help from their children, Kylan, Melanie and Gunnar (Frank). They are incredibly excited to be creating unique distilled spirits, by hand, that they are proud of and that others will enjoy.