hand crafted vodka okanagan distillery


Our single malt Heritage Vodka starts with 100% BC barley grown in the Nechako Region (meaning big river) in the geographical center of BC near Vanderhoof and is then malted in North America’s smallest malting house in Armstrong.
Our vodka is triple distilled in our German handcrafted alembic copper pot still. Our craft distilling process allows us to leave in the grain characteristics within the spirit. We then blend with pure Anarchist Mountain natural spring water which has been ozone treated leaving behind the naturally occurring minerals that other processes take out. We lightly charcoal filter, never stripping away the flavours, but leaving you with a creamy texture that has a slightly sweet grain aroma and tastes soft and smooth on your palate.
Old Order Distilling Co Penticton Okanagan Distillery


This is not your grandmother’s London Dry gin!
Our craft gin is made in the Dutch style of Genever, distilled from a malted barley grain mash, which produces a fuller-bodied spirit. Our approach was to make the sweet spicy flavours of our malted barley spirit shine with botanicals that include juniper berry (of course) as well as cardamom, coriander, anise and cinnamon. You’ll find no lavender here folks! This is balanced with a citrus profile of orange and lemon peel and dried apples from our farm in Summerland. This unique gin, stands on its own in a Martini with just a splash of Vermouth or pairs well with a premium tonic like Q’s or Fentimans for a great G&T.


hand crafted gin okanagan distillery


resting peacefully in our sherry seasoned American oak casks and coming to you soon in 2018!